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The Bane-Clene® system

Professional carpet cleaning and care

Get a deep down clean without any abrasive brushes or

harsh chemicals

Our highly trained technicians know that only about 20% of your carpet requires professional carpet cleaning. We also know that it isn't safe to brush your carpet when the fibers are wet, only when they are dry. We offer a harmless way for you to get your flooring looking like new again.

What our systems are capable of:

How to care for your carpet properly

  • Controlled water pressure, temperature, and pH of cleaning agents

  • No residue left behind

  • Carpet texture restored, softened, and brightened

  • Prevention of future soiling

  • Portable operations — apartments and condominiums

  • High-quality services

  • Carpet will stay clean longer even with heavy traffic

Air moving over your carpet or a temperature of 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit will speed up your drying time. If you have a dehumidifier or air conditioner, this will lower the humidity for faster drying as well. You should never remove the blocks we put in place under your furniture for at least 24 hours. We can come and do it if you need help. Don't let bedding or drapes touch wet carpet and don't allow people to walk on it. Under the tabs and blocks, it will take a bit longer to dry.


Bane-Clene® Spotting Guide

With our truck-mounted equipment, there is no risk of damage to your valuables. Only our staff and hose come into your home. We provide the soft water and dispose the dirty water.

Discover the latest technology.


Bane-Clene® was founded in 1962. Over the years, they have worked with major fiber makers and carpet mills testing various products in order to get you the best clean. When you get new carpet, your manufacturer will recommend that your carpets should be cleaned regularly to extend their life. Many of them will suggest the Wm. F. Bane Company. All of our certified technicians are trained at the Bane-Clene® Institute. Since 1978, they have been teaching carpet cleaning crews around the world how to properly use their equipment. In 2001, they became the first industry to earn the Carpet and Rug Institute's Seal of Approval.

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